om dávadóttir
the creative hands behind dávadóttir belong to 26 year old rannvá dávadóttir from the faroe islands. throughout her upbringing she was able to explore her creativity in many different ways thanks to very handy and creative parents. but it wasn’t until she was in the late teenage years that she surrendered completely to knitting. through her knitting she feels that she is constantly challenged and develops her skills. rannvá get inspired by everything and everything – nature, everyday life, old photos and the strong knitting tradition in the faroes.
at the annual christmas crafter’s market in the faroes in 2006 she sold her creations for the first time. she soon realized that the knitting on its own was not enough to produce a small collection for the annual market so she bought herself a sewing machine. at first she kept the knitting and the sewing separate but as time went by is became natural for her to combine the two.
today, dávadóttir’s items are on sale in her own online store.
rannvá also makes and sells knitting patterns for yarn shops.
rannvá wants to make items that of high quality that have a function so they can be used every day and thereby become valuable for the owner and user.

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